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Monetize medically appropriate space

Reduce Risk & Increase Revenue

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The CloudMedSpas Real Estate Value

The CloudMedSpas Real Estate Value

Leverage a small amount of rooms or chairs for maximum utilization

Convert additional clients for your practice

Patient growth and increased awareness for your established practice. Aesthetic patients want access to other services

Receive support from our team to implement a thriving CloudMedSpa location

What Our Clients Are Saying

Lisa Lopes:


"CloudMedSpas has allowed me to scale my business to multiple locations while reducing my capital risk. The revenue from the CMS platform subsidizes my fixed costs and my stress!"

Lara Simondi:


"CloudMedSpas was easy to implement when I added the platform & software to my business. I maintain full autonomy and control and benefit from an extra revenue stream that alleviates the costs associated with my location, injectable products and more."

Anna Toker:


"I no longer have to deal with the HR hassles of managing and retaining aesthetic providers, including the high marketing costs for patient acquisition. The providers working at my location have more profitability and flexibility and I have a revenue stream that continues to grow"

Our 28 Locations and growing

Providers can locate an MSO location so they can gain access to more profitability & flexibility. Prospective MSO partners can select the ideal location for their practice.

Ridge Med Spa

Windy City Orthodontics

The Smile and Co. Aesthetic Suites

Tati Franca Medical Spa

Embrace Aesthetic Suites

Mt Tam Aesthetic Suites

Passaic Sleep Medicine and Neurological Services

Elevate Aesthetics

The Clinic for Plastic Surgery

Skyline Aesthetics

Jahan’s Wellness Lounge

LL Aesthetics Weymouth

LL Aesthetics Stoneham

Vansanity Boston

Suite Aesthetics

Revive Suites

Aliette Aesthetics

Advancing Aesthetics Suites

Indulge Boutique Spa

Ideal Medspa Clinic

The Aesthetic RN’s

Infinite Beauty Lounge

Skandii MedSpa

Potere Aesthetic Partners

AIM MedSpa Suites, LLC

Vansanity Dallas

CloudMedSpas - Collaborate With a Proven Model

Provider Onboarding:
Product Buying Access:
Scheduling management software:
Maximize space ultilization:
Aesthetic Network resources:
A revenue source that empowers your business
The Cloud Medspa Model
a solution for Owners & Providers
  • Benefit from group product buy-in and competitive prescription product pricing
  • Maximize utilization of space: we work closely with you to optimize the full benefit of your investment
  • Eliminate costs and on-going expenses: No more marketing costs, HR employee headaches and product/device investments
  • Access device technology without the large capital investment: complete your medspa without taking on risk and fulfill procedure diversity
  • Offer on-going education and training to support provider growth and acquisition
  • Work as solopreneurs, or in groups as you wish, maintaining full autonomy over your business & brand
  • Retain complete control and flexibility over time, treatment pricing, and patient transactions
  • Access training & education to diversity your procedure offerings and best practices
  • Work fewer hours for more income and profitability
  • Oversee your business development and marketing to support your experience and client growth
  • Curate aesthetic training and preceptorship programs to support provider development and expand your career opportunities

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Most common questions

Do I need to brand & name my practice: CloudMedSpas when I buy the software platform?

No, you maintain full autonomy with your branding and own the naming of your MSO medspa

How does my liability change as a CloudMedSpa owner vs. employer?

You are not liable for the procedures performed at your location. Providers oversee the liability for their practice and patients

Do I need to currently own a medspa in order to convert to a CloudMedSpa?

No, we can consult with you on prospective site/location details, buildout recommendations, etc.

What are the device contracts, if I no longer want to keep a specific device at my medspa?

If you no longer wish to continue to support a specific device/procedure, we just need 60 days to remove the device from your location, no long term binding contracts

Am I responsible for getting providers to my CloudMedSpa location?

Yes, you know your market best and have organic connections to peers in the space and provider prospects who would be excited to learn more about your CMS provider advantage. We can support you with making sure you have the necessary training and education to support and on-board prospective providers at your location

What expenses do I no longer have to carry as a CloudMedSpa owner?

Marketing costs to bring in new clients for providers, employee salaries & benefits, device and technology investments, product inventory management

What on-going support can I expect as a CloudMedSpa owner?

We are invested in your success and growth. We are happy to discuss all of the tools, resources and services to support better margins and profitability
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