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Chief Technical Advisor

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Co-Founder, VP Business Development

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Medical Director

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Medical Laser Specialist

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Business Development & Site Management: Boston

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Medical Director

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Software Engineer

Most common questions

Do I need to brand & name my practice: Vansanity, if I become an MSO Medspa owner?

No, you maintain full autonomy with your branding and own the naming of your MSO medspa

How does my liability change as an MSO Medspa owner vs. employer?

You are not liable for the procedures performed at your location. Providers oversee the liability for their practice and patients

Do I need to currently own a medspa in order to convert to an MSO Medspa?

No, we can consult with you on prospective site/location details, buildout recommendations, etc.

What are the device contracts, if I no longer want to keep a specific device at my medspa?

If you no longer wish to continue to support a specific device/procedure, we just need 60 days to remove the device from your location, no long term binding contracts

Am I responsible for getting providers to my MSO location?

Yes, you know your market best and have organic connections to peers in the space and provider prospects who would be excited to learn more about your MSO provider advantage. We can support you with making sure you have the necessary training and education to support and on-board prospective providers at your location

What expenses do I no longer have to carry as an MSO Medspa owner?

Marketing costs to bring in new clients for providers, employee salaries & benefits, device and technology investments, product inventory management

What on-going support can I expect as an MSO Medspa owner?

We are invested in your success and growth. We are happy to discuss all of the tools, resources and services to support better margins and profitability
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