26 Feb 2024

CloudMedspas Expands to 17 Locations: Featuring Advancing Aesthetics Suites, Pioneering Space Monetization in Chicago

CloudMedspas, known for its innovative strategy of turning medically appropriate spaces into profitable ventures, is excited to announce its expansion to 17 locations, now including Advancing Aesthetic Suites in Chicago. This new partnership is a testament to CloudMedspas’ foundational mission: monetizing underutilized spaces to empower aesthetic professionals. Advancing Aesthetics Suites stands as a leading example of CloudMedspas’ commitment to revolutionizing the aesthetic industry by providing a platform where aesthetic providers have the freedom and support to thrive.

Revolutionizing Aesthetic Care through Space Monetization

At the heart of CloudMedspas’ success is a simple yet transformative idea: Monetize medically appropriate, underused spaces. Medical Aesthetic Practitioners are seeking space and product access to empower their aesthetic businesses. Advancing Aesthetics Suites, as Chicago’s first Cloud Medspa, stands as a testament to the efficacy of this model. It offers aesthetic providers the unique opportunity to control their careers free from the constraints of traditional medspa employment, such as non-compete contracts and income percentage limits.

Advancing Aesthetics Suites is not just a space; it’s a community where aesthetic providers thrive. The suite’s modern, fully stocked treatment rooms are designed to ensure the highest standards of care and efficiency, reflecting the commitment to excellence shared by CloudMedspas.

The introduction of Advancing Aesthetics Suites into the CloudMedspas network marks a significant step forward in our mission. This partnership highlights the potential of space monetization not just as a business strategy but as a means to foster a more collaborative, autonomous, and prosperous ecosystem for aesthetic professionals.

Membership Benefits Tailored for Success

With a modest monthly membership fee of $99, Advancing Aesthetics Suites offers unparalleled access to a range of benefits designed to support the growth and success of its members. These include prescription product buy-in options, business development support, regulatory assistance, and opportunities for networking—all aimed at maximizing the monetization potential of each provider’s practice.

Flexibility and Freedom: The Core of Our Model

Advancing Aesthetics Suites embraces the CloudMedspas ethos by providing flexible membership terms, emphasizing our belief in the importance of autonomy for aesthetic providers. This approach ensures that providers can focus on what they do best—delivering exceptional aesthetic care to their clients—while benefiting from the support and resources of the CloudMedspas network.

Looking Forward: Growth and Empowerment

As CloudMedspas continues to expand, bringing more locations under its umbrella, the inclusion of Advancing Aesthetics Suites in Chicago serves as a beacon for the future. It exemplifies how our innovative platform can be adapted to various settings, always with the goal of empowering providers and maximizing the monetization of medically appropriate spaces.

CloudMedspas is excited about the journey ahead with Advancing Aesthetics Suites and looks forward to welcoming more partners who share our vision of transforming the aesthetic care industry. Together, we are not just growing; we are reshaping the future of aesthetic medicine.