Shannon Seeberan, Co-Founder of CloudMedSpas, Monetizing Medically Appropriate Space

Medical professionals and health sector entrepreneurs, ensure not to overlook a pivotal episode of the Doc Lounge Podcast presented by Pacific Companies. Engage in our "Ask the Expert" series, showcasing top minds and trailblazers in the field. In today's feature, we're thrilled to introduce an innovative method for your practice's space monetization. Stacey Doyle, the Senior Director of Marketing, welcomes Shannon Seeberan, the Co-Founder of CloudMedSpas (CMS), who has revolutionized the concept of a SaaS platform. This platform empowers physicians to lease out their medical space to aesthetic service providers. Dive deeper into this revolutionary model that's reshaping physicians' perspective on their practice's real estate assets. In this episode, Shannon delves into how CMS offers physicians a hassle-free, dependable avenue to monetize underutilized space. It allows physicians to partner with aesthetic professionals in search of rental space, transforming every inch of your practice into a profitable entity, free from management headaches or liability concerns. Uncover the transformative potential of CMS for your practice, turning it into a nexus for aesthetic services. This not only paves a new path for financial prosperity but also lets you stay committed to patient care. Gain insights from Shannon on how the platform functions, its advantages, and real success stories from physicians who have utilized it to mitigate the substantial operational costs of their practices or to manage student loan burdens. Seize this chance to understand how you can propel your practice toward new pinnacles of financial and operational excellence.