5 Jun 2023


We asked business owners and marketers to tell us which generations they are trying to reach in their marketing strategies. Here’s the breakdown:

What audience are you trying to reach?

We’ve compiled some of the best generational research to tell you how these statistics should impact your marketing strategy. If you’re looking to market to Gen X more effectively, you’ve come to the right place.

Before we start, let’s define Gen X. There are a lot of different opinions on this, but for the purposes of this guide, we’re classifying Gen X as the generation born between 1966 and 1981.

1. Gen X accounts for 31% of the total US income despite making up 25% of the population.

When it comes to buying power, Gen X is small but mighty. Though it comprises more than 65 million people, this is still fewer than their Millennial or Baby Boomer counterparts. Despite this, they boast nearly four times the wealth of their Millennial cohorts, giving them considerable buying power. They make up 31% of the total US income, which is even more impressive given their relatively small numbers.

What it means:


Generation X has considerable spending power, and they’re worth your marketing focus and attention.

Despite coming of age during the 2008 financial downturn, this generation makes up a considerable percentage of the US income. They’ve grown up with technology, but they remember when technology wasn’t the norm. Unlike their Millennial counterparts, they’ve likely adopted technology much later in life, which makes them comfortable with adopting new technology yet still likely to engage with more traditional forms of advertising (more on that later).

2. 54% of Gen Xers say they feel overlooked by brands and marketers.

Many members of this generation say they feel overlooked by marketers and brands alike. It’s not in their heads either this is the least researched generation from a consumer behavior perspective and a marketing statistics standpoint. While Millennials and Gen Zers often seem to be the target of think pieces and ire from older generations, Gen X seems to be largely ignored altogether.

What it means:


Looking for a competitive advantage? Gen X could be the answer.

 Looking for an untapped audience? Knowing how to market to this overlooked generation is a huge opportunity, especially if your competitors are likely still ignoring this audience. So, if we know Gen X is important and often overlooked, what are the keys to uccessfully marketing to Generation X?

3. Gen X is by far the most loyal generation: 50% indicated they stay with their preferred brands.

when you consider the tumultuous events Gen X has been through, it starts to make sense that this generation values loyalty in their brand relationships. They are by far the most likely to stay with the same brands (compared to 37% of millennials) and the least likely to try new brands. The key to harnessing the considerable purchasing power of this generation: loyalty marketing.

What it means:


If you can win their loyalty, you can keep Offering a loyalty program is a good way to cater to this generation.

Looking to cater to Gen X specifically? Simply offering a loyalty program might be enough to entice this generation to give you a try. However, that’s not all this generation cares about. High quality products and services and high quality customer service interactions top the list for this generation…and they are values that Gen X shares with most other generations. Getting this right for Gen X serves your entire customer base.

4. 74% of Gen X uses the internet to research businesses.

Since they’re particularly loval to businesses they know, it makes sense that Gen X would utilize the internet to conduct in-depth research on a business before trying something new.

What it means:


If you want to appeal to Gen X, your online information needs to make them feel confident in their decision to trust you.

From your website to your local listings to your social media, Gen X is utilizing every bit of information you’ve got to research your business and decide if you’re worth trusting with their care, their money, and their loyalty. This generation can see through the disingenuous stuff the same way their Millennial and Gen Z counterparts can, so save the suave sales talk and stick to two things: 1) what makes you different and 2) why you do what you do. It’s the why that really resonates with this generation, as surveys show they resonate with mission and purpose-driven businesses.

5. 95% of Gen X is on Facebook.

Looking for another avenue to really connect with Gen X? Facebook, specifically, is your best bet. This is by far the most commonly used social network among Gen Xers, compared to 35% on Linkedin and 25% on Twitter, so if your business doesn’t already have a Facebook page, it’s time to get on it. However, simply having a presence isn’t enough- Gen X is looking for specific things from brands on Facebook.

What it means:


Looking to connect with Gen X on Facebook? Try sharing deals and specials.

Not only are Gen Xers on Facebook, but research shows they connect well with deals, specials, and contests that you’re running. Remember–this generation resonates with both new and traditional forms of advertising, so get creative with sharing your traditional advertising digitally if you’re looking to reach this specific generation on social media.