8 Aug 2023

Want to Compete With Bigger MedSpas? Automation Is The Key

If you’re feeling a bit like an underdog competing against competitors who have more money, more manpower, and more time to spend, you might feel like the situation is a bit hopeless. Competitors have the money to hire more manpower, but you might not. What’s a med spa to do? Never fear, marketing is here! The answer is having the right tools and automation processes in place to allow your smaller team to compete. What can automation do for your med spa marketing? What even is automation? Read on for answers to these questions and more!

How to Automate Your Med Spa Marketing

Let’s start with the basics: what is automation? The general definition of automation is to set up technology to take care of the most repetitive tasks you do automatically. We spend a lot of time polling practice owners about their marketing pain points, and there’s one common theme: most practices just don’t have time for marketing. Automation helps solve that problem by freeing up time and helping to reduce human error. Here are three easy things to automate within your med spa marketing.


1.Local Search Audits. Citation management and auditing local search listings is an incredibly time-consuming part of local search management. Listings can (and do) change all the time due to search engines reindexing content and updating automatically, users making suggestions to a listing, or from information gained from third-party apps. The information that’s most important to search engines is known as NAP info, which is shorthand for your Name, Address, and Phone number, but truthfully, all information is important in a local listing. Making sure it’s all correct in all of the places it appears across the Internet can easily be a full-time job. Plus, you run the risk of losing clients any time you have inaccurate listings. Automating this piece of your marketing means you’re always safe from incorrect info, which means happy clients who are finding correct information and happy employees who don’t have to spend their time playing whack-a-mole with inaccuracies. 


2. Review Requests. Another piece of your marketing that has the potential to be incredibly manual? Requesting reviews from clients. Introducing a framework to request reviews from clients automatically means that nobody has to spend time manually pushing send. It also allows you to send requests in the way clients prefer – whether that’s email or text messages. Good review tools will let you respond to reviews across multiple platforms in one place, saving you additional time, and even offering templates to make responses easier. 


3. Social Media Posts. Social media can be such a valuable way to connect with potential and current clients alike, but this is another task that’s a ton of work. Not only do you have to figure out what to post, but you also have to take the time to figure out when to post it. Add in multiple social channels, and the ability to plan and schedule through an automated tool is suddenly invaluable when it comes to saving time. Truly invaluable social media tools will even suggest posts for you, making it easier and faster than ever to plan your social strategy.

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