29 Aug 2023

CloudMedspas: The Ideal Side Hustle for Nurses Eyeing Entrepreneurship

The world of nursing is undergoing a dramatic shift, with many healthcare professionals seeking paths beyond traditional roles. A recent survey has spotlighted this emerging trend, and CloudMedspas might just be the answer these nurses are searching for.

The Rising Trend of Nurse Entrepreneurs

A collaborative survey conducted by staffing platform ConnectRN and The Nursing Beat unveiled that out of 1,300 U.S. nurses, a staggering 50% are delving into side hustles to supplement their income. Intriguingly, a significant portion envisions these secondary jobs evolving into their primary careers.

A Deeper Dive into the Survey:


  The diverse pool of participants comprised 39% certified nursing assistants, 27% licensed practical nurses, and over a third as registered nurses.


  Remarkably, 50% of nurses new to the field (with less than three years under their belts) are considering transitioning entirely to their side ventures.


  A notable 80% harbored entrepreneurial dreams, hinting at the desire for autonomy and growth.


  Over half expressed a desire to advance their education but found time constraints as stumbling blocks.


 – A whopping 90% placed high importance on mental health, family time, work-life harmony, physical well-being, and professional excellence.


It’s essential to note that before the pandemic, nurses often engaged in side roles, either paid or voluntary. But recent trends indicate a shift towards more entrepreneurial endeavors, either as a respite from hospital duties or as a primary career.

Why CloudMedspas?

Given this evolving landscape, CloudMedspas stands out as a prime opportunity. It offers nurses a platform where they can:


Leverage their medical expertise

Achieve work-life balance

Secure financial growth

And most importantly, realize their entrepreneurial aspirations.


For nurses aiming for more flexibility, autonomy, and the potential for business ownership, CloudMedspas could be the missing piece in their professional puzzle.

Are you a nurse ready to pivot towards a promising side hustle, one that offers more than just extra income? Join the CloudMedspas community, and let’s craft a bright, balanced, and rewarding future together.