12 Dec 2023

CloudMedspas Unveiled: Insights from ‘Medical Millionaire’ Podcast with Shannon Seeberan

Transforming Aesthetic Business: The CloudMedspas Story

In the podcast “Medical Millionaire,” hosted by Cameron Hemphill, Shannon Seeberan, co-founder of CloudMedspas, shared the intriguing journey of how CloudMedspas came to be. This venture wasn’t just another startup; it was a response to the palpable challenges and inefficiencies plaguing the aesthetic business, particularly for medspa and medical practice owners.

Shannon recounted, “We started as a brick-and-mortar business in Boston… It’s thriving… This experience helped us tweak and perfect our platform, transforming it into a successful software-as-a-service (SaaS) product.”

This transformation was not just about business growth but a paradigm shift in the aesthetic industry. Shannon explained, “We initially thought of expanding our shared space concept across the country. However, after opening our second location in Dallas, we realized the potential to scale our business faster by offering our platform to prospective owners.” This shift in strategy marked the beginning of a revolutionary model in aesthetic medicine.

CloudMedspas: A Response to Aesthetic Business Challenges

The inception of CloudMedspas was a direct response to the multifaceted challenges faced by medspa and medical practice owners. High overhead costs, increased salary demands, employee retention issues, and the struggle with patient marketing costs were some of the pressing problems Shannon highlighted. These challenges not only strained the financial resources of business owners but also impeded their ability to focus on patient care and treatment, which is at the heart of their profession.

“Our aim was to alleviate these stresses. CloudMedspas enables practice owners to streamline their business and generate additional revenue from underutilized space,” Shannon stated, drawing a parallel with Airbnb’s model of leveraging real estate assets.

The Airbnb Model for Aesthetic Space

Shannon adeptly compared CloudMedspas to the Airbnb model, where real estate – whether belonging to a private practice physician or a struggling medspa – is leveraged for additional income. “Most likely, people are not maximizing the space available. CloudMedspas helps them make their business more efficient and generate additional revenue.”

This innovative approach opened doors for numerous medical business owners, from OBGYNs to dermatologists, who considered integrating aesthetics into their practices but hesitated due to the complexities of hiring injectors, managing staff, and investing in expensive devices and products.

The Win-Win Business Model

Emphasizing the dual benefits of CloudMedspas, Shannon shared, “This is a better business model for both the aesthetic practice owner and the independent practitioner. It breaks down barriers of entry, streamlining access to the aesthetic space and making it more profitable and manageable.”

The success of CloudMedspas is a testament to the power of innovation and adaptability in responding to industry needs. As Shannon Seeberan and her team continue to expand this model, they redefine what it means to be successful in the aesthetic medicine industry, offering a scalable, efficient solution that benefits both business owners and practitioners alike

For a deeper understanding and more insights from Shannon Seeberan on revolutionizing the aesthetic medicine industry, listen to the full episode of “Medical Millionaire.”


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