9 Jan 2024

Transforming Healthcare: Iggy Fanlo’s Vision on GLP-1 Drugs and Aesthetic Industry Evolution

In the recent “Rise of Healthcare Sharing Economy” podcast, Ignacio Fanlo, the visionary founder of CloudMedSpas, presented an insightful exploration of the healthcare landscape transformation. Through the lens of GLP-1 drugs and a novel healthcare sharing model, Ignacio discussed the far-reaching effects these innovations have on various sectors.

The Emergence of GLP-1 Drugs in Healthcare Transformation

Ignacio began by highlighting the critical role GLP-1 drugs play in modern healthcare. Their ability to combat obesity and related health issues is not just a medical advancement; it’s a catalyst for broader societal change. He emphasized their impact beyond the healthcare sector, influencing trends in industries like retail and aviation due to their effects on consumer behavior and physical well-being.

Redefining the Medical Aesthetic Industry

Ignacio Fanlo took the discussion further into the realm of medical aesthetics. Here, he drew parallels with the hair care industry, illustrating how a similar rental model for healthcare providers can revolutionize the aesthetic field. This innovative approach, according to Fanlo, offers a win-win scenario: it reduces operational challenges such as HR management while improving service pricing through scalable solutions.

A New Perspective on Practitioner Skill and Patient Care

One of Ignacio Fanlo’s key insights pertains to the balance between skill and patient care in the aesthetic industry. He suggests that the focus should not solely be on the technical proficiency of practitioners. Instead, the emphasis should be on their ability to provide a comforting patient experience, a factor that could be more significant than technical prowess in some cases.

The Organizational Advantage

Fanlo also touched upon the advantages of organized structures within healthcare, especially in terms of reducing transactional costs. This efficiency, he believes, is crucial for the successful operation of healthcare businesses in today’s fast-paced world.

Pioneering Quick Adaptation and Innovation in Healthcare

The conversation concluded with Ignacio advocating for rapid innovation and adaptability in the healthcare sector. He stressed the importance of swiftly implementing new platforms and business models to stay ahead in the constantly evolving healthcare industry.


Iggy Fanlo’s discussion in the “Rise of Healthcare Sharing Economy” podcast sheds light on the dynamic intersection of healthcare, business, and technology. His insights provide a compelling glimpse into the future of healthcare, marked by groundbreaking drugs like GLP-1 and innovative business models reshaping the aesthetic medicine landscape.


Rise of Healthcare Sharing Economy

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