Medspa & Practice Owners

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Medical spa owners share their feedback on applying the Cloudmedpas system in their businesses and how it has transformed their businesses and become the solution to many ownership problems they used to have.

Your solution to Medspa
ownership problems

A revenue source that empowers your business

Cloud medspa software
Low prescription products rates
Top of the line capital equipment with little or no upfront cost
Diversify Real Estate Utilization via a rental platform
Ongoing education & training
Optimal space utilization
Renting out unused rooms and resources allows medspa owners to make the most of their facility. This generates additional income and ensures no space goes to waste.
Attract and retain top providers
A flexible as needed, collaborative work environment appeals to top professionals and providers. By partnering with CloudMedSpas, medspa owners can offer attractive working conditions, resulting in high-quality services offered by providers on an as-needed basis and increased revenue.
Supply cost savings
CloudMedSpas provides bulk pricing on prescription products, which leads to reduced costs for Medspa owners. By purchasing only what's needed, owners can minimize waste and save on inventory expenses. CMS provides access to better device cost management and device on-boarding without contracts or upfront costs
Reduce Overhead carrying costs
device investments, marketing fees, salaries and benefits, and build equity
Lisa Lopes
Why work with us?
A real CMS story

LL Aesthetics began as a dream. I was a nurse in a hospital. I made the decision to tip-toe into the aesthetics business at the “first'' CMS, Vansanity-Boston. Within 12 months I had quit my full-time nursing job (36 hrs/wk). Working closely with my marketing team, I had 100s of patients and was making more money ($$$) working only 10-15 hrs/wk. I was happier, healthier, wealthier and FREE. Then….

The first location

Then….Next, I partnered with an old friend to open the first 3rd party CloudMedSpa in Medford, MA. As an NP, I could be my own medical director.

I had developed a solid network within the aesthetics community and I also worked with (and PAID FOR) my existing marketing agencies to expand beyond patients, to find other providers. In less than 6 months, I had ~20 providers working out of the Medford location and I’m working on opening a second CMS on the affluent South Shore of Boston.