19 May 2023

Lara Simondi, founder and sole proprietor of Infinite Beauty Lounge shares insights into running an efficient med spa business.

Lara Simondi, APRN, CNM, MPH is founder and sole proprietor of Infinite Beauty Lounge, a boutique medical aesthetic spa that offers personalized service and follow up, right here in Milton. Lara and her husband are long-time residents of Milton, having lived here for the past 20 years and raised their two children. Ever since Lara got involved in the field of medical aesthetics, she hoped to find a location that would fit her needs close to home. She is thrilled to have opened her business Nov. 1, 2022, in the Lower Mills area of Milton at 75 Adams St, Suite F (second floor). Lara has over 30 years of experience as a medical professional, mostly in the field of women’s health. Lara is a board certified nurse midwife, having practiced at Brigham and Women’s Hospital for over 28 years (four years as a nurse).

Lara transitioned to the field of medical aesthetics in her early 40s, due to her own aging process. She felt young but looked older than her years. Wanting to slow the signs of aging, she started receiving injectable treatments (Botox and fillers) and was hooked. She knew she could help people look their best and transitioned to the field of medical aesthetics 12 years ago, way before it was trending. Lara initially purchased an existing med spa in downtown crossing with two other providers where she started and grew the injectable practice. This was an amazing learning experience of owning and running a business and managing employees. Certainly, very different from being a hospital employee for so many years. This was a very busy time for Lara, as she continued working part-time as a midwife at BWH, as well as running a business, and being a wife and mother. After about five years, they sold the practice. Lara really enjoyed all she was learning in this new and expanding field, and didn’t want to give it up, nor did she want to disappoint her existing clients. She ventured out on her own and founded Infinite Beauty Lounge, concentrating on her concierge injectable practice.


In 2018, Lara decided to expand her practice to include bioidentical hormone therapy (BHRT) to help with the treatment of perimenopause, menopause and andropause (male menopause). Again, the decision to include BHRT arose because of her own aging process. Now Lara looked younger than her years but was in perimenopause and not feeling as good on the inside. With her experience as a midwife, she acknowledged the lack of options for women to help with this transition and wanted to learn more about alternatives to synthetic hormones. Lara became a certified BioTe provider and learned about a safe alternative to synthetic hormones, using plant based bioidentical hormones such as testosterone and/or estradiol. Studies have shown that optimizing hormones are necessary for good health. The choice of which pellets to use and dosage is customized based on an individual’s symptoms, as well as their lab values. Lara herself has been receiving testosterone pellets since 2018, and continues to feel great at 54, still having not experienced one hot flash.

I hate needles, but I hate wrinkles more…

Lara Simondi

In 2019, Lara was one of the first providers to start practicing at Vansanity in Kenmore Square. Essentially, this is a WeWorks for medical aesthetics. It is a state-of-the-art med spa, that provides a place for providers to practice, as well as access to product, the newest devices (laser, coolsculpting, trusculpt, RF microneedling, to name a few), but without the stress of committing to a longterm lease, including all the expenses of running a “store front.” At Vansanity, you rent the space and/or device by the hour. Lara has been a spokesperson for the company, really understanding the benefits of this model, having owned a med spa and all the costs associated with running it. Lara has enjoyed mentoring, guiding, and offering clinical directorship to new providers who are interested in starting their own medical aesthetic practice.

Lara is one of the instructors at Vansanity offering introductory courses and certification in neuromodulators (Botox/Dysport/Xeomin/Jeuveau) and Fillers (Juvederm/Restylane). All the while, Lara continued to work part time as a midwife until September 2022 when she officially retired from BWH. It was a difficult decision, but she has had an amazing career helping many generations of women and families but realized that medical aesthetics is also a valuable subspecialty that continues to evolve, and this was another way she could help people. Although Lara loves her location in Kenmore Square, she really wanted a space close to home. There isn’t a lot of commercial space in Milton, so she was thrilled to find a location in Lower Mills, really within walking distance from home. Infinite Beauty Lounge recently became a cloud med spa, so the model is the same as Vansanity. Lara has some extra space at her med spa, where providers can rent by the hour. For the providers that sign on with Infinite Beauty Lounge, they have their own app, where they can book rooms by the hour, and buy product.

Lara also offers preceptorship, business development and one on one training for new providers.

Medical aesthetics is a field that continues to grow, with a lot of research and evidence to support what we do. Now that Lara is one of the “old timers” in the field of aesthetics, she enjoys mentoring new providers. When she started in the field, it was a bit lonely. She learned a lot from trainings offered through product reps and conferences but didn’t personally have other providers to turn to for questions. She enjoys fostering a sense of community among aesthetic providers, and being the consultant for other providers who have inquiries or need advice on a client treatment plan. There really is enough business for everyone, we aren’t in competition, we must support and empower young entrepreneurs, but know that it can take time and patience to grow a thriving business. Lara never envisioned that she would one day be a female business owner, let alone in the field of medical aesthetics. In fact, that field didn’t even exist when she graduated from nursing school 32 years ago. Although she misses delivering babies and being part of one of the most important times in a families’ life, she has found a new passion helping people look and feel their best. She misses her extended family of midwives, nurses, physicians and support staff, as well as working for a large academy institution, but there is something so empowering taking a risk and changing the course of ones career.



Age is but a number, keep them guessing!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Lara Simondi

Lara loves being in charge of her own destiny. She is thrilled to never be asked which holiday or weekend she will work, and she certainly doesn’t miss working 12-hour night shifts. She is very fortunate to have had the support of her husband and children throughout this journey. Lara understands that people want to slow the signs of aging. There are many non surgical ways to do that, including injectables, laser treatments and medical grade skin care. Many people are afraid of looking fake, but when treatments are done correctly, you will just look refreshed and be the best version of you!


If you want to learn more about Lara’s services, or are a RN, NP or PA interested in starting your own medical aesthetic practice, please visit her

website: www.infinitebeautyloungema. com

or follow on Instagram @infinitebeauty_lounge.

You can also call or text her at 617-319-9404 to set up a consultation.

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